How to Apply to an Overseas Seminar

STEP 1: Learn About The Seminars

Learn about Overseas Seminars from Overseas Seminars Overview. Check your eligibility. If you have already participated in a previous seminar, you are not eligible to apply.  However, you may apply for a Special Program for the upcoming summer. You are welcome to apply to as many BOSP quarter length programs as you like, and you should contact BOSP to learn more about these opportunities.

STEP 2: Review Seminar Descriptions

  • Review the description of each seminar thoroughly from Explore Seminar Locations. You can only apply to your first choice seminar. Keep in mind that some seminars have mandatory pre-seminar course in Winter and/or Spring quarter(s) and/or other prerequisites. Airfare also varies from one destination to another. 
  • Review the living and traveling conditions and health and safety information once again more carefully. Some seminar destinations are more remote than others and may require additional health and safety considerations.  Some seminars are more strenuous than others and at times physically demanding and busy. 
  •  Review the Health and Safety page.

STEP 3: Apply For A Seminar

Once you select your first choice seminar, review the Application Process thoroughly. Just like any other BOSP program, seminar participants must adhere to the BOSP participation requirements set forth in the Bing Overseas Studies Program (“BOSP”) Participation and Assumption of Risk, Release of Claims, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement (“BOSP Agreement”).

Once you have reviewed the above links, go to the Apply page to fill out your application!