Preparing for Study Abroad
Have you been accepted to one of BOSP's programs? Use the resource below to plan and prepare for overseas study.
How to Prepare
Whether you are admitted or on the waitlist, completing the checklist for your intended program of study is mandatory. This page will help you locate the checklist you need.
Learn more about passport requirements and how to apply for any visas you might need for your travels.
Learn more about health, insurance, and safety issues you need to consider before studying abroad.
Learn more about how to prepare academically for your study abroad experience.
While abroad, you have many of the same resources and responsibilities as you do on-campus.
Learn more about extending your stay with or withdrawing from your overseas study program.
Learn more about the BOSP orientation and find resources for parents and family of overseas students.
For more information about how to prepare for your study abroad experience, refer to these helpful resources.