Before You Return

All BOSP participants must ensure that they register as full-time students for the academic quarter following their study abroad quarter, unless they are graduating seniors or taking a planned leave of absence from the University.



  • Axess is available 24 hours a day, though all deadlines are still set to Pacific Time at 11:59 p.m.
  • You will have access to computers at the program where you can log onto Axess. The availability of internet access will be dependent upon the program’s office hours.


  • As a BOSP participant, you are required to follow the same deadlines as students who are on-campus.
  • For a posting of these academic deadlines, log onto Axess to view the quarterly Time Schedule.

Graduating Seniors

  • If you plan to graduate at the end of your quarter overseas, you must apply to graduate before leaving to study overseas.
  • Coterminal students planning to have a BA and MA conferred on the same date must apply to graduate in both degree programs at the same time.
  • If you are graduating at the end of spring quarter, you should try to arrange to finish your courses a bit early in order for grades to be received in time for graduation.

NOTE: This is not possible for the Kyoto program and may be difficult to arrange for the Oxford program.

Leaves of Absence

  • If, while you are overseas, you decide to take a leave of absence from Stanford for any quarter, you must fill out a “Leave of Absence” form and return it to the Undergraduate Advising and Research Office.
  • The leave of absence form requires the signature of a Residence Dean and a professional advisor in Undergraduate Advising and Research. (New RD) is the Residence Dean for overseas students and he can approve requests by email. Return the completed form by email ( or by mail to:

Undergraduate Advising and Research
590 Escondido Mall
Sweet Hall, 1st Floor
Stanford, CA 94305-3085

  • The request must be received before the first day of classes to avoid paying any tuition charges for the quarter.
  • Starting with the first day of classes, there is a pro-rated tuition charge for each day that a student is considered an active student until the student files a Leave of Absence. Avoid those charges by informing the Undregraduate Advising and Research office as soon as possible that you plan to take a leave for a particular quarter.

Housing & Dining

ALL students must reapply for on-campus housing, regardless of which quarter is spent overseas. Students should check with the Housing Assignments Office for more information about deadlines, requirements, and waitlists.

Resident Advisor Selection Information

Resident Advisor Selection Information for the following academic year will generally be sent out to each of the BOSP email lists at the end of the Autumn Quarter. It is the responsibility of each BOSP participant abroad to pay close attention to the Resident Advisor Information announcement and adhere to the application details set by the Residential Education Office.

University Bill

All BOSP participants must ensure that their account is current with Student Financial Services. Remember that you must be enrolled in order for a University Bill to be generated.

How To Pay

Before the first day of the quarter on the home-campus, mail checks to or bring your money to:

Cashier’s Office
Tresidder Memorial Union, 2nd Floor
459 Lagunita Drive, Suite 7
Stanford, CA 94305

  • Fees must arrive by the deadline—a postmark is not acceptable.
  • If you do not receive your University bill, check your account on-line and submit payment by the deadline.

Stanford ePay

Stanford ePay, an online billing and payment service, is now available! Stanford ePay’s easy-to-use, secure website will provide a convenient way for you or other authorized payers to view and make payments to your student account 24 hours a day.
With Stanford ePay, you can:

  • Pay university bill via
    • Electronic checking (eCheck)
    • Credit card (MC, AMEX, or Discover)- a 2.75% convenience fee applies
  • Authorize parents and other payers to view and pay university bills on-line
  • Schedule payments (recurring)
  • View billing history
  • Make deposits to their StanfordCardPlan
  • Privacy Release Form

Due to federal privacy restrictions, Student Financial Services cannot discuss your account with anyone but you unless you have stipulated otherwise BEFORE going abroad. If you would like for them to be able to discuss your account with someone else during your stay abroad, you must complete a Privacy Release form available from Student Financial Services.

Financial Aid

The FAO and Student Financial Services will forward loan forms and any other documents to you through the BOSP office.

  • Complete and return documents through your program’s weekly mailing to the home-campus, BOSP office.
  • You may communicate directly with the FAO via email.
  • If you have any questions regarding your University Bill, please contact HelpSU. Select “Student Services” as your Request Category, and select “University Bill/Student Account” as your Request Type.

Repayment of Loans

If you will be extending your stay abroad but not your enrollment at Stanford, such as in the case of an internship, you may need to make plans to begin repayment of your loan(s).

  • The amount of payments and the time these payments will commence are determined by the amount you have borrowed and the loan fund from which you borrowed.
  • Your failure to make timely payments toward your loan could result in a hold on your registration or more serious consequences.
  • For further information regarding payment requirements of your federal Perkins loans, please contact Student Loan Accounting at Student Financial Services. Contact the FAO for federal Stafford or GATE loans.