Community Engaged Learning (CEL)

What is Community Engaged Learning?

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a course, internship, or program that includes...

  • an engagement with a community that addresses societal needs not currently being met by governments, markets, or the independent sector

  • intentional integration of learning objectives and experience with/in the community

  • student preparation, ongoing reflection, and critical analysis

  • reciprocal benefits for students, community, and campus partners

  • opportunities to critically examine public issues or explore one's civic identity

Who we are and what we do

The Community Engaged Learning team is a partnership between the Haas Center for Public Service and the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education. We also work closely with many departments and programs across campus, such as the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Education, HumBio, Earth Systems, the Office of Community Health, Public HistoryUrban Studies, among many others. 

The Community Engaged Learning team works with faculty, students and community partners to expand community-engaged learning opportunities for undergraduate students. We can work with you to find a class or internship suited to your needs, to teach a class that complements your existing teaching and research, or to partner with us in a way that benefits your organization. 

See Examples of Community Engaged Learning courses

CEL in the news

The CEL program and similar undertakings have been featured in the Stanford Magazine (May/June 2014), the Stanford Report (February 2014), and the Graduate School of Education newsletter (Aug 2014). If you are interested in publishing about your class, let us know


Where is that beautiful mural from?

The banner image: Our Voice, 8' x 32', acrylic and spray paint on wood panel, 2012. Lead artist: Sarah Woodward. Image courtesy of one of the CEL team's partners: the Mural Music & Arts Project, who say this of the mural: "This mural represents the culmination of the Teen Mural Program in San Francisco for Summer 2012 and depicts the importance of youth finding a voice to advocate for their communities. Our Voice, designed by a team of nearly 30 students, staff and community members features youth finding a way to express themselves within a larger network of voices speaking out against injustice."