Examples of Community Engaged Learning

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In this community engaged learning course, students learn the principles and methods of community-based research by conducting small-scale projects in collaboration with local community organizations: the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, and the Mural, Music, and Arts Project of East Palo Alto.
The project-based, interdisciplinary structure of this class gives primary emphasis to the use of GIS for field data collection, mapping, analysis and visualization that allows for multi-criteria assessment of community development.
Students worked with environmental stakeholders around the state of California to produce a storymap of environmental change. The map, originally requested by CA governor Jerry Brown will be presented to the Governor and other CA policymakers during the summer of 2014.
In this community engaged learning course, students explore the challenges and transformative potential of teaching and learning in urban and diverse schools and community settings.
This seminar examines the impact of race on educational access and a variety of educational reform initiatives. Students have the opportunity to consider these issues from the perspective of local leaders and educational organizations through a Community Engaged Learning (CEL) option.