Who Teaches IntroSems?

About IntroSems Faculty

The people teaching IntroSems are among the most distinguished faculty from throughout the university. 

Featured Faculty: Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson studied maths and philosophy at Oxford University before completing his PhD in philosophy at Rutgers University in 2012. He then spent a couple of years at Harvard. To view his website, visit http://www.tomdonaldson.org

About the course, PHIL 12N:

In this course, students will use paradoxes such as Grelling's Paradox (that a word is "homological" if it applies to itself, and "heterological" if it doesn't. For example: The word "monosyllabic" is heterological, because it is not monosyllabic; the word "polysyllabic" is homological, because it is polysyllabic. Now think about the word "heterological." Is it homological, or heterological?) and Galileo's Paradox. Foci for discussions will be some of the deepest issues in philosophy and mathematics. No prior knowledge of logic, philosophy or mathematics will be assumed and there will be minimal use of symbolism. Students will be expected to complete problem sheets, and to write a very short final paper. The seminars will be discussion- based.


Introductory seminars advisory board

Since 1997, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) has sponsored courses from all seven schools to introduce first- and second-year students to the concepts and methods of a discipline in a small group setting focused on the research interests of the faculty. Each year more than 200 IntroSems are offered.

 Introductory seminars Advisory Board