About PWR 2
PWR 2 (4 units), taken by students in their second year, continues PWR 1’s emphasis on analysis and research-based argument, while adding a focus on oral and multimedia communication. The centerpiece of PWR 2 is a research project that allows students to research, write, translate, and deliver an in-depth investigation. This project consists of several parts: oral research proposal, substantial written research-based essay, oral performance with media support, translated from the research essay, and a reflective piece that articulates what has been learned about how medium impacts rhetorical choices. During the quarter, in-class workshops and peer-led revision exercises are augmented by individual conferences with the PWR instructor and with Oral Communication Tutors. The class is designed to allow students to conduct field-based as well as library and Internet research, to write in a wider range of genres, to focus intensively on the media they use to present their research, and to plan and deliver presentations for live audiences.
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Taken in a student's second year, PWR 2 is designed to build on students’ introduction to research in PWR 1 and serve as a bridge to their later work in WIM courses and the writing of Honors Theses.
WRITE 2 (sometimes referred to as DWR 2) classes are seminars taught by faculty