What to Expect During SoCo

SoCo is an immersive learning experience. Class meetings are held every morning, and most afternoons include class activities, explorations of Stanford or field trips, with evenings often filled with movies and informal dorm events. Special events punctuate the three weeks, with an Opening Dinner and Closing Symposium, Faculty Panels, and September Studies Guest Events.


Students gather to listen to Professor MastersSoCo faculty have been told that you are “all theirs,” and they build exciting curriculum that typically extends beyond scheduled class time to work in labs, conduct research, go on field trips, and more.

"Each day after class we would continue the discussion from class into lunch and other events throughout the day. We continued to engage in the intellectual aspects of SoCo even outside the classroom.  We joked that it was a bit of a boot camp, but we all still loved the intensity of the course."   

Residential Life

Students eating together

You live in a residence hall with classmates and your Sophomore College Assistants (SCAs). Classes typically share meals together, SCAs hold office hours in the evening, and conversations from class continue late into the night.

“I found connecting with other students socially in addition to academically added depth to the SoCo experience. Rooming with my classmates, who I'm happy to say are some of my closest friends on campus now, allowed us to explore our seminar beyond the parameters of the classroom. Never before have I gotten to know my classmates to such a degree in such a short amount of time.”

SoCo Events

Sophomore College Opening dinner is the evening of the first day of class, with the SoCo Symposium during the third week. The “When I Was A Sophomore” panel is a favorite student event, where faculty share their path from their days as sophomores to where they are now.

“I loved hearing faculty talk about what they were doing as sophomores – who knew that they were just like us?! When I see where they are now, it makes me feel like, hey, I could be there too.”

Schedule Overview

ARRIVAL: You arrive on campus between noon and 5 p.m. on Monday, September 5. Arrival dates and locations may vary for off-campus seminars.

CLASSES: Sophomore College class sessions begin Tuesday, September 6 and meets daily through the third Tuesday. Most classes will continue to meet in the third week of September; You are required to attend additional class events, such as class sessions, presentations, or field trips through the Friday before the start of autumn quarter.