Autumn Quarter on the Arts, Architecture, Design, and Urban Studies

Autumn in Central Park. Public domain image.

Stanford in New York Courses

All of the Stanford in New York courses are designed to engage students by incorporating unique features of the local culture and environment and/or provide comparative perspectives on a particular topic. Students will be expected to register for a full course load (at least 12 units). Students are encouraged to consult with their major department or program about how Stanford in New York courses will fit into their plan of study.

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Stanford in New York Internships

New York City provides unparalleled opportunities for students to engage in internships in dynamic organizations related to the program’s areas of focus. Students can work in educational, arts, and cultural institutions, government and public agencies, social service organizations, and corporations large and small. They can focus on issues, fields of study, or types of skills they want to acquire.

Each admitted student will work with the program director to identify his/her interests, research organizations, and secure an internship before s/he arrives in New York. Students are welcome to research and suggest their own organizations, but each internship will be vetted to ensure that it will provide meaningful learning opportunities and close mentoring and supervision.

Student placements for Autumn 2015 and additional internship possibilities