Add A Second THINK Course: Fulfill WAYS

Add another THINK Course: Fulfill WAYS Requirements

THINK TwiceThere is no limit to the number of Thinking Matters courses you can take. 

Listed below are the 2015-16 Thinking Matters courses.



THINK Courses by Quarter


  • 100,000 Years of War - satisfies SI WAY
  • The Cancer Problem: Causes, Treatments and Prevention - satisfies AQR and SMA WAYS
  • Empathy - satisfies ED WAY
  • Evil - satisfies AII and ER WAYS
  • Race in American Memory - satisfies AII and ED WAYS
  • The Science of Mythbusters - satisfies AQR and SMA WAYS
  • Spirit of Democracy - satisfies SI WAY
  • What is Love? - satisfies ED and AII WAYS
  • ESF - satisfies satisfies THINK and WR1; WAYS vary depending on seminar
  • ITALIC - satisfies THINK and WR1; WAYS vary depending on seminar
  • SLE - satisfies THINK, WR1 and WR2; WAYS vary depending on seminar


  • Belief - satisfies AII and SI WAYS
  • Bioethical Challenges of New Technology - satisfies ER WAY
  • How Does Your Brain Work? - satisfies SMA WAY 
  • Meeting the Global Sustainability Challenge - satisfies SMA WAY
  • Rules of War - satisfies ER and SI WAYS
  • Thinking About the Universe: What do we know? How do we know it? - satisfies SMA WAY
  • Why So Few? Gender, Diversity, and Leadership - satisfies ED and SI WAYS
  • WOW! World of Words - satisfies AII and ED WAYS


  • Breaking Codes, Finding Patterns - satisfies AQR and FR WAYS
  • Century of Violence - satisfies SI WAY
  • Food Talks: The Language of Food - satisfies AII WAY
  • Inventing Government: Ancient and Modern - satisfies ER and SI WAYS
  • Reading the Body: How Medicine and the Body Define the Self - satisfies  ED WAY
  • Stories Everywhere - satisfies  AII and CE WAYS
  • Thinking Through Africa: Perspectives on Wealth, Well-Being, and Development - satisfies  ED and SI WAYS

WAYS Legend

Aesthetic and Interpretative Inquiry - AII
Applied Quantitative Reasoning - AQR
Creative Expression - CE
Engaging Diversity - ED
Ethical Reasoning - ER
Formal Reasoning - FR
Scientific Method and Analysis - SMA
Social Inquiry - SI

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