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Communication Matters

Effective oral communication skills have always been important to success in academia, but perhaps never more so than at this time. As Scott Morgan and Barrett Whitener write in Speaking About Science: “In an age when so much communication is tethered to technology, delivering messages face-to-face has paradoxically become even more vital to professional success.” And, certainly, this is true for every discipline and for all audiences who want clear, concise, and compelling insights into the emerging research and dialogue of their fields.

This three-part workshop focuses on improving the oral communication skills you have already begun to develop as scholars and teachers, and on adapting these skills to suit the range of rhetorical situations you will inevitably encounter in your careers. 

INSTRUCTOR: Doree Allen, PhD. Program Director for the Oral Communication Program at Hume Writing Center

Participation in all three sessions is required. The workshop is highly interactive and experiential and participants are expected to be on time and prepared for each session.

This series complements two related offerings: Negotiation Matters and Management Matters.

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Communication Matters is currently on hold for the 2015-2016 academic year. Please visit the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking for graduate student offerings.

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