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GFS Entry Information

Below are resources for departments whose students have VPGE-Administered Fellowships or for those who have a VPGE-Administered Fellowship and a nationally competitive fellowship. Nationally competitive fellowships listed are multi-year and portable (e.g., NSF, NDSEG, Hertz Foundation). Additional information about nationally competitive fellowships and GFS entry tables for students with only a nationally competitive fellowship, are available on the financial aid website.

VPGE-Administered Fellowships:

Tables provide amounts paid by external awards, funds from VPGE, departments, school or central sources and who is responsible for those entries in the PeopleSoft Graduate Financial Systems (GFS).

2014/15 VPGE GFS EnTRY Memo (PDF)
Learn More about VPGE Graduate Fellowship Support

Stipend Support and Health Insurance Surcharges

The 2015/16 annual stipend for VPGE-administered fellowships (CCSRE, DARE, EDGE, Lieberman, SGF and SIGF) is $38,920 ($9,730 per quarter) regardless of the year the fellowship was first awarded. Stipend payments bear a health insurance recovery charge, also paid by VPGE funds and the 2015/16 rate is 6.5%. The health insurance recovery charge is automatically calculated by the accounting system and appears on expenditure statements; no GFS entry is required.

The recovery charge funds are used to provide the health insurance subsidy for students enrolled in Cardinal Care. VPGE Fellowships provide stipend, the health insurance recovery charge, and tuition; they do not provide funds for fees over and above the stated stipend amount.

NOTE: Stipend payments from external fellowship sources do NOT bear the health insurance recovery charge described above. If a student has an external fellowship that covers the full cost of health insurance, the fellowship source will be billed for the full amount.

Supplemental Teaching or Research Appointments - Who pays tuition?

The order of use of tuition funds is dependent upon whether the supplemental appointment is for a teaching or a research appointment. It is also dependent upon whether the recipient has a VPGE-administered fellowship, a dual award (VPGE and nationally competitive fellowship) or a nationally competitive fellowship.

The chart below determines the order of funds used to support tuition based on those variables.

University policy allows students supported by a full fellowship to hold a supplemental teaching appointment (e.g. TA, CA) or research appointment (RA) up to 25%. In summer only, recipients may add up to a 50% summer RA salary to the fellowship.  All VPGE-administered fellowships are full fellowships, except the EDGE fellowship, which is a supplementary fellowship. Assistantship appointments must also comply with applicable school, local and funding source policies.

Supplemental TEACHING (TA , CA, TF) VPGE only VPGE and NCF NCF only
Third (if needed) No need No need TAL
Fourth (if needed) No need No need DF
Supplemental RESEARCH (RA) VPGE only VPGE and NCF NCF only
Second No need VPGE UF
Third (if needed) No need No need TAL
Fourth (if needed) No need No need DF


TAL: Tuition Allowance
VPGE: VPGE Administered Fellowship (CCSRE, DARE, Lieberman, SGF and SIGF)
NCF: Nationally Competitive Fellowship
UF: University or Medical School Funds
DF: Department or School Fellowship Tuition