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SGF: Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science & Engineering Details

At a Glance

by Nomination
Incoming Doctoral Students
Doctoral Students
Application Period: 
Winter Quarter, varies by school
3 years


Each year, SGF awards approximately 100 three-year fellowships providing stipends and tuition support to outstanding students pursuing doctoral degrees in science and engineering. Since the first fellowships were awarded in 1997, over 1100 Stanford Graduate Fellows have received their PhDs from Stanford. 

The program was initiated by Gerhard Casper, then President of Stanford University, and is designed to support the University's commitment to attracting the very best graduate students while reducing its dependence on federal funding for PhD training. These fellowships are available to students in the natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, engineering, the basic sciences in the School of Medicine, and those social sciences, including education, which are now dependent on federal assistantship support for their doctoral students.

Letter from Vice Provost Gumport

How To Apply

Students must be nominated for the SGF by their department. Most nominees are students who are newly admitted to an eligible science or engineering department. Other nominees are promising students who have already completed a year or more of graduate study at Stanford or elsewhere, and have demonstrated excellence in doctoral level research and study. 

Fellows are selected each year by the Graduate Fellowships Faculty Advisory Committee, made up of faculty from many eligible departments.

Fellowship Terms

To complement the academic requirements and recruitment needs of different disciplines, several configurations of the Stanford Graduate Fellowship have been approved.

Standard SGF

The standard SGF is a three-year (12 quarter) fellowship providing support for four quarters each year. Fellows receive a stipend and tuition support for minimum full-time enrollment (8 to 10 units).  The 2015-16 annual stipend is $38,920 or $9,730 per quarter.

Graduate School of Education, School of Engineering Modified SGF

All newly admitted Graduate School of Education (GSE) SGFs are offered an 11-quarter modified configuration of the award. Engineering departments/programs decide locally whether to offer newly admitted students the 11-quarter Modified SGF as an alternative to, or, in place of, the Standard 12-quarter configuration. All GSE and Engineering SGFs who are offered or who select the Modified SGF receive maximum tuition (11-18 units) for the first three quarters and minimum full-time tuition (8-10 units) for the next eight quarters of the SGF. They receive the SGF stipend for all 11 quarters. Any student in Engineering whose fellowship offer includes the option to select the Modified SGF must do so by the Final Study List Deadline of their first quarter of enrollment.

See the Graduate FellowshipS FACULTY Advisory Committee