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Higher Education Careers on the "AltAc" Track

Students graduating
Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service
Nov 5 2014
Education, Stanford, Students

A couple of years ago, Laura Monkman, a sixth-year history Ph.D. student at Stanford, ruled out searching for a tenure-track academic position in her field. She believed that the geographic restrictions of the job market (there are very few jobs in the metropolitan areas in which she’d like to live), combined with the tremendous publication pressures of today’s elite institutions, meant that the likelihood of combining professional success with personal happiness would be slim.

Monkman coordinated the 2014-2015 AltAc Speaker Series, co-sponsored by the VPGE office, the Career Development Center, and the Humanities Center. Additional programming to support students who want to explore "careers of choice" beyond the professoriate are currently under development.

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