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Jan 29 2014 | Science Careers Fellow, Students
When, after completing my Ph.D. in immunology, I told colleagues and mentors that I had accepted a position as a Science & Technology (S&T) Policy Fellow at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)—publisher of Science Careers—the most common response was, "So, you're...
Jan 28 2014 | Stanford Report Fellow, Students
The brain activity of monkeys is recorded to improve brain-controlled prosthetic limbs. by Tom Abate, Stanford Report Katherine Cora Ames is a 2009 National Science Foundation - Regina Casper Stanford Graduate Fellow in neurosciences. 
Jan 9 2014 | Stanford Daily Students
PhD students campaign to open field school. by Kurt Chirbas, desk editor, Stanford Daily Lauren Oakes is a Lieberman Fellow and Aaron Strong is Stanford Graduate Fellow in Science and Engineering. Both are doctoral students in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources.
Jan 7 2014 | Stanford Report Events, Research, Students
The high-tech poetry competition, which explored how computer code can be read as poetic language, is accepting submissions for the next competition. Leslie Wu, who won the Stanford Code Poetry Slam, is a DARE Doctoral Fellow.
Dec 6 2013 | Stanford Report Awards, Research, Students
In sub-Saharan Africa, about one out of five people purchases water from neighbors connected to public or private utility lines, which is illegal in many places. Stanford researchers are challenging the logic of discouraging the practice, known as resale. Valentina Zuin, lead author of the study,...