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Sep 15 2014 | Stanford News
An idea that started as a long shot – using light to control the activity of the brain – has earned Karl Deisseroth the Keio prize in medicine. The technique, called optogenetics, is now widely used at Stanford and worldwide to understand the brain's wiring and to unravel behavior. Many researchers...
Sep 15 2014 | Newsletter Events, Newsletter, Students, VPGE
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Sep 8 2014 | Stanford News
Stanford collaborators fuse cutting-edge art with research-grade science. dS, short for danceroom Spectroscopy, is the world's first large-scale, interactive molecular physics experience, and it was created by scholar, scientist and artist David Glowacki, a Royal Society research fellow at the...
Aug 26 2014 | Stanford News
Hongjie Dai and colleagues have developed a cheap, emissions-free device that uses a 1.5-volt battery to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas could be used to power fuel cells in zero-emissions vehicles. The research team included SGF Fellow Ming Gong and SIGF Fellow Bo Zhang....
Aug 13 2014 | Stanford News
Maryam Mirzakhani is the first woman to ever win the Fields Medal – known as the "Nobel Prize of mathematics" – in recognition of her contributions to the understanding of the symmetry of curved surfaces. Maryam Mirzakhani is a professor of mathematics at Stanford University. Read the full article