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Sep 15 2015 | Newsletter Events, Newsletter, Students, VPGE
This monthly newsletter compiles the latest events, news, and resources for members of the Stanford graduate education community. Read the September issueSubscribe to receive future issues
Sep 14 2015 | Welcome Letter Announcement, Students, VPGE
Vice Provost for Graduate Education Patricia Gumport and the entire VPGE team welcome over 2,600 new graduate students from 75 countries to Stanford!
Sep 11 2015 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
The extraordinary strength of the present El Niño may lead to a particularly wet winter in California, but Noah Diffenbaugh and Daniel Swain say that it might not be enough to end California's worst drought on record. Daniel Swain is a 2015 ARCS Fellow. READ THE FULL ARTICLE
Sep 11 2015 | Stanford Report Education, Fellow, Stanford
The first cohort of fellows in Stanford's Distinguished Careers Institute described the program as invigorating, exciting and enriching, and "a real gift." Since arriving at Stanford in January, Raj Bhargava, a fellow in the Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI), has roamed campus far and wide as...
Sep 8 2015 | Stanford Report Announcement, Education, Stanford
Career educators at BEAM connect with students – undergraduates as well as graduate students – to help them explore career paths, identify and apply for opportunities, and cultivate personalized networks that shape their professional journeys. With the continuing evolution of career education on...