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Stanford collaborates on research to help online groups organize themselves

Assistant Professor Michael Bernstein and graduate student Niloufar Salehi
Rod Searcey
Mar 23 2015
Fellow, Research, Stanford

Making decisions and taking actions require leadership tools to minimize infighting and focus the energy on action.

The Internet has simplified many aspects of life: how we communicate, how we relax, how we work.

But technology hasn't changed human nature, and the dynamics of how we interact online can make it harder to reach a virtual meeting of the minds.

"It can be difficult to get a group of people in a room to agree on a course of action, and those difficulties are compounded when people try to work together online," said Niloufar Salehi, a Stanford graduate student who studies human-computer interactions.

Salehi is a 2014 SAP SGF Fellow.

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