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Students at 2014 SGSI course

Designing the Professional at SGSI, Summer 2014

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We encourage graduate students to take advantage of Stanford's open course enrollment culture. Taking classes outside of your department can lead to broader knowledge, new skills, and a wider campus network. Many courses are designed to attract students from across campus and most faculty welcome the diverse perspectives that non-majoring students contribute.

At the links below, we have identified courses that, based on their description in Explore Courses, appear to align with our Graduate Professional Development Framework or with our Preparing for Faculty Careers or Interdisciplinary Learning portfolios.

Graduate Professional Development Framework Course Feeds

These courses offer opportuntiees to build the skills and gain the experiences outlined in the Graduate Professional Development Framework. The teaching courses are also displayed in the Preparing for Faculty Careers section of the website.

Interdisciplinary Learning Course Feed

These courses offer opportunities to work with students from across campus and to build your own interdisciplinary learning skills.