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The resources listed here include offices, articles, websites, slides, and other sources of information useful to graduate students. Use the search to find what you're looking for.

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The Power of Performance

In article (including video clips), Stanford voice and speaking lecturer Tom Freeland shows how to apply principles of dramatic performance to make your public speaking more engaging and effective. Relevant to graduate students at all levels of study, especially those experiencing speech anxiety or preparing for job talks.

Last modified 08/11/2014


Windhover is a spiritual refuge on the Stanford University campus meant to inspire and promote personal renewal. Windhover is dedicated to relieving stress and offers a peaceful, non-religious environment for reflection, re-invigoration, and tranquility. Open to the entire Stanford Community.

Last modified 09/09/2015

Wellness Network at Stanford

The Wellness Network at Stanford connects you to resources that enhance your well-being, support your health, and help you connect with others. The graduate student section has additional resources for teaching support, work/life balance and family, academic life, productivity, and more. 

Last modified 09/22/2014

Future Faculty Seminar Videos

A faculty member has a broad spectrum of duties and opportunities; Recognize these more fully and learn about the skills you need to succeed by watching these videos from previous Future Faculty Seminars. The core and split sessions for different subject areas cover a range of relevant topics in considerable depth, from advice on how to set up and run a lab to how to best manage your teaching and research. Open to all graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees.


Last modified 08/14/2014

H-STEP Fellowship

A joint program by the School of Humanities and Sciences and the Graduate School of Education, the H-STEP fellowship offers PhD graduates a fully-funded opportunity to start a career in secondary school teaching. Accepted students will receive fellowships to attend STEP, a highly-competitive, 12-month program that yields both a Master of Arts in Education and a preliminary California Single Subject Teaching Credential. Applications are due in January; apply up to 18 months before your intended graduation quarter, but not after. Interested applicants should schedule a counseling appointment with Viviana Alcazar.

Last modified 12/02/2014

Creating a Level Playing Field (Voice & Influence Series)

Implicit or unconscious bias is a major source of errors and poor decision-making. So how does one combat it? Stanford Professor and Clayman director Shelley Correll gives an engaging overview of how gender bias informs evaluations that women receive in the workplace, resulting in more limited opportunities, promotion and recognition. She details the latest research on how gender stereotypes are a cognitive shortcut that disadvantage women relative to men. Therefore, solutions that counteract the effects of bias are needed in order to create a more level playing field. All Clayman Voice and Influence videos include a downloadable discussion guide that include a personal inventory and skill-building, as well as links to further resources.

Last modified 08/18/2014

iNet Internship Consortium

All Stanford students have access to the iNet internship Consortium, an internships listing that is available only to students at selected schools. Register online with your Stanford email address.

Last modified 08/20/2014

Powerpointers: Using PowerPoint to Your Advantage

Want to make better use of Powerpoint? This one-page PDF from the Oral Communication Program offers seven quick tips on how to use Powerpoint to get your point across most effectively. Each tip offers questions and advice on how to make the best use of Powerpoint for a broad range of oral presentation scenarios.

Last modified 08/04/2014

Technology in Teaching

This guide is designed to help you to effectively use technology to support your students' learning and reach your teaching goals. Includes reasons for use, best practices, ideas for how to get started, and more. If you need additional assistance, consultations are available by appointment. 

Last modified 08/25/2014

Video Recording and Consultation

To gain another perspective on your teaching, consider scheduling a video recording and consultation through the CTL. Choose a class session to be filmed by event services, and afterwards a CTL consultant will meet with you to review the recording and offer feedback and suggestions. Note that these recordings are for personal use only; to have a class filmed for your teaching portfolio or other purposes, contact event services directly. Schedule online at least a week in advance. Open to all instructors and TAs.

Last modified 08/07/2014