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2 (medium / half of the iceberg)

Resilience: How to Bounce Back: Deadline

Resilience is the ability to bounce back in the face of life’s challenges, whether these challenges are getting a poor test grade, breaking-up with a significant other, battling illness, or taking on any number of other tough events. In this course students study insights from the emerging field of resilience to learn about and practice the skills that allow them to bounce back more quickly and effectively from life’s setbacks.

Open to all current Stanford graduate students, space is limited.

Turbocharge Your Writing: Deadline

This workshop will help you to understand:

  • why it is hard to get started
  • how we deliberately use distractions to slow down writing
  • the principles of "quick starting"
  • how to deal with destructive internal beliefs
  • how to set a writing plan and stick to it
  • how to set achievable goals by writing in a silo
  • how to greatly increase the number of actual words you produce
  • how to clarify your thinking, and improve the quality of your work

WISE Inspirations Network at Stanford (WINS) Speaker Series: Carol Espy-Wilson

The WISE Inspirations Network at Stanford (WINS) aims to create an engaged Stanford network linking women graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and alumnae in STEM fields, and their allies and advocates, through regular meetings and communications. WINS aims to provide all with opportunities to learn from a diverse array of stand-out women in science and engineering about the realities of their lives and work, successes and lessons learned, and to connect individuals with a network of potential mentors, protégés, and other colleagues.

Academic Chats: Work - Life Integration - Tips on Finding the Balance that Works for You

Everyone is talking about work-life balance but what does it really mean, and what are some specific approaches you can apply right now and in the future that will make a real difference to your personal and professional enjoyment? Two professional guests who have thought a great deal about this topic will join us for a lively discussion.

Guest Speaker:


Academic Chats: How to Find Good Mentors When Starting Out as a Postdoc or Beginning Professor

We all need mentors in our professional life.  Some of them will be in our direct report lines, but others can come from other areas of our academic environment. How to identify them and form mutually productive relationships will be the topic of this chat with two professional guests that have served as both mentor and mentee in their academic careers.

Guest Speaker:


Just Mercy: Race and the Criminal Justice System

Bryan Stevenson, acclaimed public interest lawyer and founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, will deliver the 2016 Anne and Loren Kieve Distinguished Speaker Lecture at a joint event sponsored by the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) and OpenXChange on Wednesday, Jan. 13, in Cemex Auditorium. The Anne and Loren Kieve Distinguished Speaker Fund annually brings leading scholars, public intellectuals, and artists to address the Stanford community on vital issues relating to race and ethnicity.


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