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2 (medium / half of the iceberg)

Leadership Dinner: Shane Kim

Leadership Dinners bring proven leaders from various arenas together with a small group of graduate students for dinner and informal discussion about what it means to be a leader and to lead organizations, movements, and people. 

Shane Kim, Board of Directors of GameStop

After nearly twenty years with Microsoft, Shane Kim retired from the company in January, 2010 to spend more time with his family as well as other personal and professional interests.

Academic Chats: How to Explore Different Types of Academic Institutions to Find the Best Fit for You

Not everyone wants to teach at a major research university, but getting teaching jobs at other types of institutions is not a slam-dunk and applicants have to demonstrate that they understand what is expected of them and that they really want to have careers in such places. Some ideas on how to do all of this will be the subject of this Academic Chat with two professional guests who have experiences at such institutions.

Guest Speaker:


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