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Mostly learn with others

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

How can you create learning experiences where all students feel included and comfortable participating? In this workshop, we’ll discuss the unique challenges of various disciplinary areas and class formats, and what you can do to motivate the learning of all students in your classes.   Please join this lively discussion lead by Jennifer Randall Crosby, Ph.D., and Gloriana Trujillo, Ph.D.

Susan Groag Bell (1926-2015): Pioneer in Women's History

Please join the Clayman Institute in a conference celebrating the achievement and ongoing influence of the scholarship of Susan Groag Bell. Speakers will include Carolyn Lougee Chappell, Paula Findlen, Fiona Griffiths, Laura Nym Mayhall, Karen Offen, and Marilyn Yalom with opening remarks by Peter Stansky and closing remarks by James Sheehan.

A reception will follow the event next door at Serra House.

Workshop on Transpedagogy and Engaging Today's Learners with Dr. Susan Stryker

To build on the discussions FGSS started around transpedagogy last quarter, Dr. Stryker will talk about the work she has done at the University of Arizona to implement a Transgender Studies program, including the creation of four tenure-track lines and developing a trans studies curriculum. She will focus on pedagogical tips, reaching today’s learners, and engaging with trans topics in the classroom. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a leader in the field and ask any questions you may have about addressing trans students, engaging students in academics on trans topics, etc.

BEAM/VPTL: Writing a Compelling Teaching Statement

Writing effectively about your teaching is an important skill that you will need for the academic job search, grant submissions, and your future academic position. In this workshop, led by Dr. Mariatte Denman, from the VPTL, we will discuss a range of conceptual and organizational principles that will help you to organize your reflections and thoughts about teaching in order to write a compelling teaching statement. We will also analyze real examples of teaching statements.

Fellows Forum: Skills for Mentoring in Research - Don't be a Tormentor!

Are you taking on a mentoring role in your research group? Have you been asked to work with undergrads or junior grad students? If not yet, you likely will be mentoring others - undergrads, high school students, or other grad students - during grad school or beyond. This interactive workshop will give you practical skills and opportunities to practice laying the groundwork for a happy and productive mentoring relationship. Come ready to learn about yourself and how you can become an inspiring and effective mentor in research.

Fellows Forum: Open and Shut Case Studies - How Not to Treat Your Research Outputs

What’s your worst habit as a researcher, that guilty secret no one else knows? Those bad habits can cause you problems in the future. In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss real-life case studies that highlight bad research habits - some from Amy’s own time as a grad student! You’ll leave better equipped to take good care of your own research data, code, and documentation.

12@12 / 12@6: Deadline

Wondering what other graduate students are thinking?  Interested in discussing "big questions" with a diverse group of students?

Apply to join a 12@12 or 12@6 group!

Over lunch at 12 noon, or dinner at 6 PM, 12 students and a faculty or staff facilitator choose complex real-world questions to discuss over five meetings. This open-ended format appeals to students who enjoy tackling gnarly questions and who are open to challenges to their own worldviews.


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