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Poster Printing at Lathrop

Poster Printing Service at Lathrop 

Credit Card Orders 

Order your poster online at

General Guidelines 

  • Prints start at $50 each and must be prepaid for via credit card. 
  • You will incur an oversize fee if the longest edge of the poster is over 44 inches in length. We may otherwise resize your document proportionally to fit this constraint. 
  • We cannot issue refunds due to user errors. Please check your document carefully prior to submission.  
  • There are no refunds for non-printer issues, such as spelling mistakes, misaligned page layout, low-resolution grainy-looking graphics, etc. 
  • As a service to you, our staff may trim off the white margins of your poster after printing. Please specify if you prefer otherwise. Posters longer than 60 inches cannot be trimmed. 
  • For rush jobs, we may call you when your print is ready to be picked up. To check the status of your print, you may also call the Tech Lounge at 650-723-9407 during our business hours. 
  • You may have one free 48" mailing tube for each poster ordered, while supplies last. 
  • We only use 7-color Epson Ultra-Chrome archival-quality pigment inks and Epson Enhanced Matte Paper to ensure that you get amazing, exhibition-quality prints. 
  • Completed posters left unclaimed for more than 30 days may be discarded without notice, unless other arrangements are made in advance. 

*Please note: Once a poster has been removed from the premises, it is considered approved and the Lathrop Tech Desk is no longer responsible for the condition of the poster and will not grant refunds after that point in time.

Setting Up Your File 

  • When using the Stanford logo and seal, be sure to adhere to the  design guidelines  and  avoid mistakes. 
  • For photo prints, use uncompressed and original-sized images whenever possible to retain maximum image quality. 
  • For best results, the submitted document should be set to have the same dimensions as the requested print size. 
  • We recommend keeping prints to 44 inches (or under) on all sides for quick printing. 

Supported File Types 

You should make sure that you’re submitting your document to us in a file type that we support, which includes: 
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 
  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD) 
  • Standard Graphical Formats (TIF, JPG, PNG). 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) PDF document is preferred.

CMYK files are NOT supported. Our printer is an RGB printer and CMYK will be converted before printing. (This may result in color shifts.) 

Additional Fee Information 

  • Rush Jobs (printed within 4 hours) that we can accommodate: +$25 
  • Documents over 44 inches long: +$25 per additional partial foot 
Fees subject to change as needed. 

Recommended Print Resolution 

  • We recommend that your document’s resolution be set between 180 dpi or pixels/inch. 
  • For example, to print a 40” x 30” poster, we recommend that the original image be at least 6000 x 4500 pixels. 
  • To calculate how big your image should be, take the number of pixels along each side and divide it by 180 to get the recommended length in inches. 
  • To approximate the look of the final output, try zooming into your document by 100%. 

Standard Turnaround Times 

  • Non-Rush Jobs: Ready within 3 business days 
  • Rush Jobs: Ready within 4 hours with  an additional fee. 
For More Information contact the  Lathrop Tech Desk