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The Stanford Print Service is a pay system used in the following locations: student residences, Lathrop Library, Green Library, Branch libraries and Old Union 2nd Floor. For more detailed locations, go to the FAQ. Once you submit a print job, you can print out at any Stanford Printing station.

You can send print jobs to the printers not only from the computers in the residence and public clusters, but also from any personal computer with an on-campus Stanford network connection.
For detailed information about printing in the Stanford University Libraries, go to
For more information on installing printers on laptops, and to release print jobs, please visit our help ( and FAQ ( pages.
For information about poster printing at Lathrop Tech Lounge, please see the Poster Printing pages.
For printing issues in the residences, please speak to your RCC.

Paying for Print/Copy/Scan

As a student, you can sign up for the Stanford Card Plan or use the Credit to Card available from the libraries.
The Stanford Card Plan (SCP) is like a credit card with a limit of $1,000. The SCP can be used for printing, the Stanford Bookstore, and several on-campus eateries and dining halls. Therefore, if you print $10 worth of paper, you will be charged using your SCP and your University bill will reflect those charges. Each quarter, your $1,000 limit will be reset automatically. You can enroll in the SCP in the Fall, Winter, or Spring Quarter, which covers you for the rest of the academic year. Once you enroll in the SCP, you won't have to do so again. After you sign up for the SCP, it takes up to a day to receive the credit.
If you do not have a Stanford ID card, you will need to use a Stanford Printing Card. You can get a card from Green or branch library front desks. After you receive your new card, you must add funds via a secure online portal before printing\copying. This new card will have a one time activation service fee of $5.00 added at setup. For example, if you want $20 in print credit, you will need to add $25 to the card.

For information on adding funds to the Credit to Card, go to

For additional information, go to

Printing From a Cluster Computer

Print as you normally would, using "SecurePrint" or "SecurePrint-idauth" as the printer.

From the clusters, patrons should choose the “Secureprint” printer, your print job will go directly to the print server. Go to any new Canon printer and release the job by badging in with your Stanford D card.

Any users who can login to the cluster but also have a Printing card can also choose “Secureprint-IDAuth” printer on the cluster machine to use the Printing card to charge the print jobs too. It is the same workflow as the kiosk workflow below.

From kiosks, patrons will automatically use the printer “Secureprint-Idauth” and a popup will ask the user to put in their 9-digit card number. This is the number on the front of the Stanford Printing Card, the 9 red numbers on the Stanford Affiliates ID cards, or the 9 numbers below the name for the SUL Privileges card. They can then go to any new Canon printer and release the job by badging in with the card.

From a Personal Computer 

Please go to instructions located at

Print Refunds 

Email Include the date, time, SUNet ID and number of pages and printer location.