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Visitor Print Card Plan

If you do not have a Stanford ID card, you will need to use a Stanford Printing Card. After you receive your new card, you must add funds via a secure online portal before printing\copying. This new card will have a one time activation service fee of $5.00 added at setup. For example, if you want $20 in print credit, you will need to add $25 to the card.

STEP 1. Go to the Printing Credit portal at


Step One Print/Copy Credits


STEP 2. Enter the 9 digit number from the front of the card into the Card Number field. Enter the amount you want to add to the card. There is a $1 minimum. Press Submit.

Step Two Print/Copy Credits

Step Two Print/Copy Credits


STEP 3. Verify the information and Press Submit (or Back to go to the previous screen.)

Card to Print Copy Credits

STEP 4. Enter your billing information. Verify the information then press Submit.


It will take up to five minutes for the credit to be active on your card. You will then be able to print/copy/scan.
Confirm Details
For additional support, email Include the date, time, number of pages and printer location.