Nippon Foundation Fellows Presentations

The Nippon Foundation Fellows gather ten times during the year for informal seminars (benkyōkai) that are moderated by the IUC Resident Director. At each of these seminars, one Fellow offers a short presentation in Japanese about a particular aspect of her or his area of research interest, and the other Fellows join in a discussion. Questions and comments, also in Japanese, reflect Fellows’ different spheres of expertise and different methodological approaches, giving these sessions an interdisciplinary flavor and stimulating presenters to reflect on the most effective way to communicate with audiences made up of members who are intelligent and interested but not deeply versed in the specialized field of the speaker. These benkyōkai provide valuable training for Fellows who will, in the future, be called upon to speak in academic and other professional meetings in Japanese.

2014-15 The Nippon Foundation Fellows Final Presentations (PDF)

2013-14 The Nippon Foundation Fellows Final Presentations (PDF)

2012-13 The Nippon Foundation Fellows Final Presentations (PDF)

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