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For alumni: to order your copy, please send an email with your name, current mailing address and year of IUC graduation to

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Please stay in touch by keeping your contact information up to date. We currently are in email touch with 94% of all living alumni. Newsletters are sent out electronically to your specified email address.

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IUC Alumni Association Executive Board
The Alumni Association Executive Board, currently headed by David Livdahl (IUC ‘73-74), Jim Wagner (IUC ‘70-71) and Joan Drucker Winstein (IUC ‘71-72) organized Fall 2010. This Board is dedicated to alumni outreach and networking efforts.

Contact Information:
David Livdahl (davidlivdahl at paulhastings dot com)
Jim Wagner (jamesgraywanger at gmail dot com)
Joan Drucker Winstein (jwinstein at yahoo dot com)

Class Agents
Class agents can put you in touch with classmates, create networking opportunities or serve as your class spokesperson among other things. Should you wish to serve as a Class Agent, please contact a member of the IUC Alumni Association (see above). If you would like to be in touch with your Class Agent, please see the list below. Agents have asked that their emails not be circulated widely, however you are welcome to be in touch with IUC or the Alumni Association for contact information.

‘61-63 Kate Nakai ‘90-91 Seth Sulkin
‘63-64 Pat Steinhoff‘91-92 Giles Richter
‘65-66Robin Radin‘92-93 Peter Stern
‘66-67 Carl Taeusch‘93-94 Annette Skovsted Hansen
‘67-68 William Bailey‘94-95 Conan Carey
Maile M. Hirota
Matt Stein
‘68-69 John Wheeler‘95-96 Keith Shinabargar
‘69-70 Juliet Winters Carpenter‘96-97 Robert Chiappetta
‘70-71 Jim Wagner‘97-98 Shawn Bender
‘71-72 Joan Drucker Winstein‘98-99Glenn Robertelli
‘72-73 Elizabeth (Lib) Wong‘99-00 Brian Masshardt
‘73-74 David Livdahl‘00-01 Christopher Bondy
Katherine French Dudley
Brian Slingsby
‘74-75 Marcia Goodman
Jeremy Silverman
‘01-02 Rachel Brunette Chen
‘75-76 Lynne Miyake‘02-03 Landon Thorpe
‘76-77 Andrew Osterman‘03-04 C. Wallace DeWitt
‘77-78 Susan Onuma‘04-05 Brandon Marc Higa
Chris Kodama
Andrew Hazelton
‘78-79 Yoriko Kishimoto‘05-06 Joanna Sturiano
Ian Wright
‘79-80 Ginger Marcus
Janet Ikeda
‘06-07 Ryan Yokota
‘80-81 Ruth McCreery‘07-08 David Boyd
Brooke Lathram
Marshall Bennett
‘81-82 Roy K. Akagawa‘08-09 Daniel Kurtz
Benjamin Boas
‘82-83 Kathryn Graven‘09-10 David Corbin
‘83-84 Steve Pollock’10-11 Open
‘84-85 Sarah Lubman’11-12 Open
‘85-86 David Litt’12-13 Open
‘86-87 Eleanor Marsh
Linda Isako Angst
’13-14 Open
‘87-88 Brian Threlkeld ’14-15 Open
‘88-89 Oliver Chubb
‘89-90Tad Johnson

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