John D. Fox

Consulting Professor of Applied Physics
Group Leader, Accelerator Technology Research Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Lasers and Accelerators

Accelerator Physics, beam instrumentation, RF technology, high speed circuits, signal processing systems and laboratory measurement techniques. Dynamics of particle beams, control of unstable systems via feedback techniques. Our group has an interdisciplinary mix of skills in accelerator physics and the dynamics of charged particle beams, as well as the technology skills to develop GHz bandwidth signal processing and beam instrumentation systems, RF systems for particle acceleration. Research activities center on studies of electron-cloud and impedance-driven beam instabilities in the SPS and LHC machine at CERN. Efforts center on accelerator dynamics measurements and numeric simulation techniques, with the goal of constructing a 4 - 8 GS/sec. feedback system to stabilize beams for high-current LHC operation. Research activity in technology of RF and LLRF techniques for beam acceleration and modification of beam dynamics via RF feedback techniques in accelerating systems.

Courses Taught