Tor O. Raubenheimer

Professor of Particle Physics and Astrophysics
Assistant Director for Accelerator Research, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Research areas:


Lasers and Accelerators

My research is focused in two areas: the creation of compact accelerators for science, medicine and industry and study of high brightness electron and x-ray sources. The former consists of parallel development of high gradient microwave accelerators achieving reliable gradients of ~100 MV/m and plasma acceleration concepts with gradients of ~10 GV/m. Both of these accelerator systems have many challenges ranging from technology development to methods of formatting and controlling the particle beams. The applications range from future linear colliders with TeV-scale energies to compact light sources with beams of 10's of MeV. Studies usually involve a combination of analytic modeling and simulation as well as experimental studies at SLAC or at accelerator facilities around the world.