Tips for using Axess

1. Use a recommended browser.

There are hundreds of potential operating system/browser combinations in the world, but only a handful are guaranteed to work properly with Axess. Users are welcome to try logging in to Axess with any browser on any platform, but be aware that only the following browsers are certified to work successfully with Axess and the underlying PeopleSoft system:

Certified Browsers
Firefox 17 or higher
Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Chrome 17 or higher
Safari 5 or higher
Note: If scroll bars fail to appear for Axess in Safari, go to your Mac's "System Preferences - General" menu and check "Show scroll bars - Always".

Users are strongly encouraged to use these recommended browsers as others may not be fully compatible with Axess.

In order for Axess/PeopleSoft to work properly:

  • Pop-up Blockers must be turned off
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Javascript must be enabled


"Why isn't my browser certified to work with Axess?"

The software behind the Axess system comes to us from external software vendors who build and test their products based on the current browsers in the marketplace. However, operating systems and browsers are constantly being updated, and it is almost impossible for large-scale, browser-based applications to adjust to each and every one of those changes. In some cases, OS/browser combinations other than those listed above may work, but we cannot guarantee that they will.

If you find your favorite browser does not work properly with Axess, please try using one of the recommended browser options.

2. Clear your cache.

Each time you access a web page via your browser, the browser stores the page in a temporary local "cache" for quick easy reference later. This can be useful for speeding up access to frequently-used pages, but it can also allow out-of-date pages to pop up and cause problems. Problems with access to web-based applications like Axess can frequently be resolved by clearing your cache.

Instructions for clearing cache and cookies for the most popular browsers may be found here.

3. Get more information.

The Axess experience is a little different for different users. See the following pages for information for users like you:



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