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Here are a few guidelines to help keep the IT Services Open Web Wiki safe and functional.

  • Do not post private information. As a rule, you should never post anything that you wouldn't want leaked to the public Internet. While this wiki is restricted via WebAuth to SUNetID holders, there is always the possibility that information could be leaked in a variety of ways. Please, no passwords, private client information, potentially damaging opinions, etc.
  • Do not post negative experiences or opinions about co-workers or colleagues. Such material could be violate the University's Fundamental Standard.
  • The Web Services Wiki is about central University web standards, policies, and services. When making a new page, try to make it clean and clear and keep your audience in mind.
  • Post your own ideas and works. If you are copy/pasting more than a couple of paragraphs from a source onto a wiki page, consider linking to that page instead.
  • Use Wiki markup instead of HTML. While the wiki accepts some HTML, it is best to learn the simple Wiki markup language when creating and editing pages. This will allow other users to easily see what you are doing and collaborate with you. HTML will clutter a page because the markup is more complex, making it difficult for others to edit.
  • Discuss edits. If you feel something should be edited or added, but are unsure about how to go about it or whether it belongs on a page, use the discussion tab at the top of the page to talk about it with others. Don't forget to auto-sign and date your name with four tildes (~~~~)!
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