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University Web Services Wiki

Introduction: what is this wiki for?

The Web Services Wiki is hosted by IT Services to facilitate communication and collaboration around the University’s centrally-provided web services[1] and to foster the practice of web standards at Stanford, complementing the site. See a list of all 54 of this wiki’s articles.

Web development cookbook and best practices guide

In addition to its general purposes listed above, this wiki is the home of IT Services’ most current web developer resources, including freshly-reviewed and up-to-date PHP scripts and/or modules, sample code, and documentation — all tailored to making web applications work in Stanford’s web infrastructure.

Web design: page templates and application themes/skins

Use this wiki to contribute to (or comment on) the work and resources by IT Services, the Office of University Communications’ Web Team, and others to provide standardized Stanford style sheets (CSS files), templates (as straight HTML markup and as Dreamweaver files), Stanford-looking application themes/skins, and other resources for web designers.

Web services: got questions, requests, issues?

Stanford’s centrally-provided web services are available free to all members of the Stanford community. These services are part of the main campus computing infrastructure and are handled by a server called


  1. Stanford's centrally-provided web services are documented at and supported by IT Services. Individual schools, centers, and departments can and do operate their own dedicated web services. For information about such services, contact IT resources local to that organization.
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