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Professional Development Program

Introduction and Philosophy

At the Language Center, we are committed to quality language instruction and to the development of our teachers. Central to our mission is a self-sustaining professional development program that focuses on research, as well as on individual and overall staff growth.

Instructors are our most valuable resource. They sustain the professional development program through continual collaboration on research and language teaching. The expertise of more senior instructors, both in research and in the skills acquired through professional development training, directly benefits less experienced instructors and teaching assistants who are just beginning their careers.

We know that language teaching can lead to a variety of other kinds of careers— literary scholarship, publishing, editing, and administration, to name only a few. The structure of our professional development program encourages instructors to pursue individual interests and to become more expert in specialized areas such as oral proficiency assessment, technology, tests and measurements, reading and writing, and content-based instruction.

Highly trained instructors produce better prepared students. Students, of course, are at the heart of our professional development efforts. Demonstrated and proven teaching excellence and exceptional student performance are testaments to our dedication to professional development and exemplary language instruction.


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