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Technology in Language Teaching

The Language Center is also involved in projects designed to increase the amount of time spent in language practice without increasing the amount of class time allocated. It is investigating ways to redistribute time in classes through the effective use of technology. As a first step, the Language Center is working with instructors to carry language tests over a network. Instructors will be able to prepare quizzes and tests that focus on all the language elements they are working on and to administer these electronically to students. It is estimated that such a procedure will free up approximately 20% of class time for language practice and will also provide instructors and students with better and more extensive information on the students' performances and development in the language.

A further dimension of gaining time for language practice is focused on hardware. In partnership with Meyer Library, the Language Center has developed a state-of-the-art, computer-based, language laboratory. This facility carries authentic foreign language audio and video and permits students to have more engaged practice with the language outside of class. The facility is configured as a teaching space and as a study/practice space.