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Online Written Test

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Summer Online Written Placement Test Dates


  • Please note that a placement test consists of both an online written exam and an in-person oral exam.
  • During the academic year, students may simply proceed to the online testing site (links below).
  • During the summer, tests are available online according to the schedule above. Please complete the test during the time frame that corresponds to your last name. If you cannot meet this schedule, please contact
  • If you have any difficulties with the online placement tests or if you experience any problems logging on to a test, please send an e-mail that provides details about the problems you are experiencing.

Online Tests

When you log into any placement test, you are, of course, subject to the Stanford Honor Code and Fundamental Standard.  Specifically, you are not permitted to receive outside assistance on this examination.  "Outside assistance" means, among other things, the use of dictionaries, grammar books, spell checkers, grammar checkers, cutting and pasting foreign language items from the web, and composing items in writing before speaking.  

If you are ready to take one of the tests please proceed:

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