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Proficiency Objectives and Curricular Documents

Curricular documents, available for some of the more regularly taught languages at Stanford, are rooted in the work of Guadalupe Vald├ęs, Elizabeth Bernhardt, Alice Miano, Lyris Wiedemann, Ana Sierra, and Claudia Angelelli. This group drafted the descriptions of target abilities for first- and second-year Spanish and Portuguese in 1997. The development of their work is documented in an article authored by Bernhardt, Valdés & Miano in 2009 entitled "A chronicle of Standards-based curricular reform in a research university" found in Virginia Scott (Ed.) Principles and Practices of the Standards in College Foreign Language Education (pp. 54-85). Boston: Heinle & Heinle.

Since the time of this initial work in Spanish, other language programs housed at the Stanford Language Center have used the Spanish language objectives as a model for their standard setting. Authors include:

  • Arabic (2008, 2011): Khalil Barhoum, Salem Aweiss, Khalid Obeid, Ramzi Salti
  • Accelerated Arabic (2012): Khalid Obeid
  • Chinese (2008): Chaofen Sun, Marina Chung, Nina Lin, Hong Zeng
  • French (revised 2010): Heather Howard, Jane Dozer, Miranda Kershaw, Marie Lasnier, Kenric Tsethlikai
  • German (Revised 2011): Elizabeth Bernhardt, William Petig, Per Urlaub, Paul Nissler
  • Hebrew (2008): Vered Shemtov, Gallia Porat
  • Hindi (2010): Eva Prionas, Sneha Desai
  • Italian (revised 2011): Anna Cellinese, Sara Gelmetti
  • Japanese (2009): Yoshiko Matsumoto, Hisayo Okano Lipton, Momoyo Kubo Lowdermilk
  • Korean (2010): Hee-Sun Kim
  • LCTL (2011): Eva Prionas
  • Persian (2012): Shervin Emami
  • Portuguese (revised 2011): Lyris Wiedemann
  • Russian (2008): Eugenia Khassina
  • Spanish (revised 2010): Ali Miano
  • Vietnamese (2012): Dzuong Nguyen
  • General editor, document coordination: Joan Molitoris