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We gratefully acknowledge support from the following grants and agencies.

National Institutes of Health

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Center for advanced MR Technology at Stanford (National Center for Research Resources) This Center will develop, maintain and make available innovative technologies in six core MRI research areas including image reconstruction and RF pulse design methods, imaging of brain activation, diffusion/perfusion imaging methods, cardiovascular and body imaging, MR spectroscopy, and interventional imaging.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Near Metallic Implants (National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering) This research will exploit recent technical advances and develop and test MRI methods that can image the tissue near metallic implants without the severe degradation seen in standard MR images.

High-Resolution Whole-Breast MRI at 3.0T (National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering) This research will develop much higher resolution breast MRI hardware and software, allowing better classification of small lesions to prevent unnecessary biopsy and detect cancer earlier.

California Breast Cancer Research Program

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Multinuclear MRI of Breast Tumors In this project, we developed hardware and software that allows high-quality MRI of sodium concentration in the breast, which can be an indicator of tumor malignancy.

General Electric Healthcare

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We receive support from GE Healthcare to advance clinical body, pediatric and musculoskeletal MRI.

Richard M Lucas Foundation

The Lucas Center receives generous support from the Richard M Lucas Foundation that enables exploration of new technologies and support of a broad range of projects.

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