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General Imaging

Osirix DICOM Viewer: Why You Should Use It

OsiriX Web Site

MRI-related teaching material

Quick 12-minute Introduction to MRI: Quicktime-Movie

MRI Matlab Tutorial

MR Pulse Sequence Programming

MRI Animations

ISMRM Education Links


Recorded Lectures From Conferences that may be useful.

Movies on MRI or our Research

Metal Artifact Reduction in MRI - (2010) Basic description of what causes artifacts in MRI near metal, and how our new methods correct for these artifacts using a minimal amount of additional phase encoding.

Bilateral Breast MRI at Stanford - (2007) Overview of some advanced methods used to adapt unilateral high temporal and spatial resolution breast MRI to a bilateral protocol with similar resolution numbers.

Research Journals

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Literature Databases



Lane Library


Google Scholar

More to come on this page...

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