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Upcoming Events at Windhover

The Office for Religious Life offers free programs open to Stanford students, staff, faculty and alumni. These workshops are intended to introduce you to this unique resource on campus and to provide instruction on a variety of contemplative practices. Meditation cushions (zafus and zabutons) will be provided for meditation programs on a first come, first serve basis. 

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Student "Fundamentals of Meditation" Evening Series
Select Thursdays, 8:00-9:00 pm
Drop in - no pre-registration required

  • Fall Dates TBA

These weekly drop-in sessions are designed to offer students basic meditation skill, to encourage regular meditation practice, to help deepen your ability to self-reflect in meditation, and to offer instructions on how meditation can be useful during stressful moments. All nine sessions will be led by trained instructors. If you are not free to attend all of the sessions, you are welcome to attend the sessions independently. No pre-registration is required.


Jessica Chen just finished her Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Stanford and was president of the Stanford Zen Society. She is a dedicated practitioner in many traditions of meditation, including Zen and Insight Meditation.

Rebecca Nie has taught meditation in the United States, Bhutan, and Canada. She is the co-founder of the Stanford Zen Society, which she leads on campus every Wednesday. In this workshop, she’ll guide participants through relaxation and investigation practices designed to expand their awareness. The approach is based on the Korean Zen tradition, in which Rebecca is a Master, a member of the 80th generation since the Buddha to be so recognized. The premise of the approach is that increasing our awareness helps us live fuller lives — and that we can develop awareness like we can the ability to read. 

Rev. Grace Schireson is an ordained Zen priest and fully independent Dharma heir (Roshi) in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. She has done monastic training in Japan and the US and has founded two Zen groups and a Zen retreat center. She specializes in teaching how Zen meditation can transform your everyday life through clarity and purpose.

Simon Wiles is pursuing his Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies through the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford. He also serves as student president for the Buddhist Community at Stanford, an ecumenical group dedicated to creating a supportive community for Buddhist study and practice. 


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Staff/Faculty "Fundamentals of Meditation" Noon Hour Series
Select Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 pm
Drop in - no pre-registration required

  • Fall Dates TBA 

Enjoy introduction to meditation sessions for faculty and staff in Windhover. All sessions will be guided by instructor, Tia Rich. You will experience various ways to meditate. The focus on direct experience will help you to begin and continue meditating. Sessions will include a range of practices beginning with breath-based and body-based mindfulness meditations and continue with walking meditation, visualization and sound-based meditations, and culminate in practice of self-compassion and compassion meditations. Experience the benefits of meditation for health and positive human qualities. Countless studies have shown meditation promotes health, concentration, emotional balance, compassion, altruism and inner peace.


Tia Rich, PhD, HIP Senior Health Promotion Specialist, and Contemplation by Design, Director. As a meditation teacher, her 30-years of experience began with completion of the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy 18-month full-time residential teacher-training program in 1981. Dr. Rich’s teaching also draws upon her experience with Zazen, Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhist and Judeo-Christian contemplative meditation.


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Walking the Windhover Labyrinth

Two-part series:
Fall Dates TBA


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