Scott Doney, Department Chair, marine chemistry and geochemistry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution presents: Climate Change and Adaptation Solutions for the Coastal Ocean along the U.S. Northeast.

Abstract:  Human-driven climate change inherently affects people and the environment at regional and local scales. For a variety of reasons, the coastal boundary between the land and the sea will be especially vulnerable to ongoing and future climate change and ocean acidification. Research contributes to identifying and quantifying impacts, targeting and assessing the efficacy of adaptation strategies, and providing a framework for discussing trade-offs among possible solutions with stakeholders. This talk will focus specifically on two examples for the coastal waters of Buzzards Bay and adjacent ocean continental shelf off of southern New England. The first case study examines the interplay of climate warming and nitrogen loading on near-shore coastal water quality. The second case study presents results from a biological-chemical-socioeconomic integrated assessment model for the U.S. Northeast scallop fishery.