Christopher Costello, professor of environmental and resource economics at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara presents an interdisciplinary framework for moving ocean science toward ocean solutions. The framework is built on an economic perspective, but draws on environmental sciences such as oceanography, biology, and ecology. Within this framework, the concept of ocean solutions as a theme that helps organize and focus diverse concepts such as the tragedy of the commons, social equity, big data, and financing institutional reform is discussed. Four concrete hypotheses illustrate this approach to ocean solutions: (1) property rights can alleviate the tragedy of the commons; (2) externalities and equity concerns can undermine the efficacy of property rights; (3) big data and new models can solve many persistent ocean problems; and (4) climate-resilient oceans will require climate-resilient institutions. For each of these hypotheses, Costello draws on his current research to suggest novel questions, research methods, applied contributions, and specific solutions to a diverse array of ocean challenges.