As the population of urban slums around the world expands, so does the risk of public health catastrophes associated with poor sanitation. Learn more about the role container-based sanitation (CBS) can play in areas without conventional household toilets or sewage systems at a webinar organized by the Water, Health and Development Program at Stanford University. A panel of experts working in Haiti, Kenya and Ghana will discuss their experiences and findings on this innovative approach to safely managing human waste, including recent studies showing residents of low-income communities are willing to pay for subscription CBS services. The webinar will introduce the CBS concept, describe case studies and offer a moderated Q&A.

Moderator: Jenna Davis, Water, Health and Development Program Co-Founder and Faculty Lead; the Higgins-Magid Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, and Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. Featured panelists: Sasha Kramer, Co-founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL), Andy Narracott, Deputy Director for Global Safe Water, Evidence Action, and David Auerbach and Ani Vallabhaneni, Co-Founders, Sanergy.

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