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Argentine Ants Altering California's Ecosystems as Homeowners Give them Shelter »

January 9, 2016

Woods Affiliate Deborah Gordon (biology) discusses why Argentine ants have been so successful at colonizing in California.

By Laurel Hamers, San Jose Mercury News via Santa Cruz Sentinel

California Drought: How Will We Know When It's Over? »

January 9, 2016

Leon Szeptycki, Woods professor of the practice and executive director of the Water in the West program, states that there is no simple answer to the question "When is the drought over?"

By Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News

Could Better Tech Prevent the Next Big Methane Leak? »

January 8, 2016

Woods Senior Fellow Rob Jackson (earth system science) discusses safety measures that could have reduced or eliminated the severity of the leak.

By Keith Wagstaff, NBC

Here’s What It’s Like To Live Next To California’s Gas Blowout Catastrophe »

January 8, 2016

Woods Senior Fellow Rob Jackson (earth system science) discusses the size of the Aliso Canyon gas leak.

By Matt Ferner and Lydia O'Connor, Huffington Post

We've Never Seen an El Niño Quite Like This Before »

January 7, 2016

Stanford doctoral student Daniel Swain (Environmental Earth System Science), a 2013 Rising Environmental Leadership Program fellow, discusses El Niño in the context of global warming.

By Andrew Freedman, Mashable

Hot and Violent »

January 5, 2016

Features research by Center Fellow Marshall Burke (Earth System Science) on the connections between climate change and social conflict.

By David Rotman, MIT Technology Review

Serious Forum Needed for Delta Solution »

December 26, 2015

Woods Consulting Professor David Hayes (Law) discusses two key elements needed to move forward to deal with the challenge of balancing environmental and water supply needs in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

By David Hayes, Sacramento Bee

New Infrared Video Reveals Growing Environmental Disaster in L.A. Gas Leak »

December 24, 2015

Woods Affiliate Adam Brandt (energy resources engineering) says substantial leaks can sometimes go completely undetected, and that there is a need to design ways to quickly detect and fix large leaks soon after they happen.

By Joby Warrick, Washington Post

Op-Ed: Climate Change is Indeed A Cause of Social Conflict »

December 17, 2015

Center Fellow Marshall Burke (Earth System Science) co-authors an op-ed on the connections between climate change and social conflict.

By Solomon Hsiang and Marshall Burke, Los Angeles Times

Gray Water and Stormwater Can Help in the Drought, But Risk Needs to Be Studied, Researchers Say »

December 16, 2015

Senior Fellow Dick Luthy (engineering) states that it can be advantageous to use gray water but it needs to be studied more carefully because there's an opportunity for exposure to pathogens.

By Matt Stevens, Los Angeles Times

Virtual Reality Could Finally Get People to Care About Climate Change »

December 14, 2015

Senior Fellow Jeremy Bailenson (communication) discusses the ability of virtual reality can to encourage people care about climate change on an emotional level.

By Chris Weller, Tech Insider

The Paris Climate Agreement: The Real Work Starts Now »

December 13, 2015

Woods Senior Fellow Rob Jackson (earth system science) co-authors a feature on the work that needs to be done after the Paris climate talks.

By Rob Jackson and Pep Canadell, The Conversation

Climate Accord Is a Healing Step, if Not a Cure »

December 12, 2015

Senior Fellow Chris Field (biology, earth system science), states "I think this Paris outcome is going to change the world. We didn’t solve the problem, but we laid the foundation.”

By Justin Gillis, New York Times

The Defining Challenge of the 21st Century »

December 11, 2015

Dan Rather interviews Senior Fellow Chris Field (biology, earth system science) about the science behind climate change, and what makes it the defining challenge of the 21st century.

By Dan Rather, Huffington Post

COP21 Interview: Farming and Food at Risk from Climate Change »

December 9, 2015

Senior Fellow Chris Field (biology, earth system science) and Katherine Mach of the Carnegie Institution discuss the future of agriculture in the age of climate change.

By Daniel Grossman, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

This Climate Policy Could Save the Planet »

December 9, 2015

Quotes Senior Fellow Noah Diffenbaugh (Earth System Science) on how the consequences of global warming are happening more quickly than anticipated.

By Richard Martin, MIT Technology Review

Calif. Scrambles to Count Every Drop of Water »

December 9, 2015

Woods Co-Director and Senior Fellow Buzz Thompson discusses the possibility of bringing all water rights holders under the authority of the water board.

By Jeremy P. Jacobs, E&E News

The Global Economic Costs from Climate Change May Be Worse than Expected »

December 9, 2015

Center Fellow Marshall Burke (Earth System Science) discusses how addressing climate change may be even more important than previously thought from an economic perspective.

By Marshall Burke, Brookings Institution Blog

Is 2 Degrees the Wrong Climate Goal? »

December 8, 2015

Quotes Senior Fellow Mark Z. Jacobson (Civil and Environmental Engineering) on how we can get to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 using only technologies currently available.

By John D. Sutter, CNN

Global CO2 Emissions Decline in 2015 After Soaring for a Decade, Study Says »

December 7, 2015

Woods Senior Fellow Rob Jackson (earth system science) discusses the findings of a new paper he led, which found that carbon emissions from human activity in 2015 are on track to decline slightly from 2014 emissions.

By Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News

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