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Publications Author: robert dunbar

Identification of Frequent La Ni√±a Events During the Early 1800s in the East Equatorial Pacific »

Oceans | Published Work | March 13, 2015

Ellen R.M. Druffel, Sheila Griffin, Desiree Vetter, Robert Dunbar, David M. Mucciarone
A Roadmap for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science for the Next Two Decades and Beyond »

Oceans | Published Work | February 1, 2015

M.C. Kennicutt, S.L. Chown, J.J. Cassano, D. Liggett, L.S. Peck, R. Massom, S.R. Rintoul, J. Storey, D.G. Vaughan, T.J. Wilson, I. Allison, J. Ayton, R. Badhe, J. Baeseman, P.J. Barrett, R.E. Bell, N. Bertler, S. Bo, A. Brandt, D. Bromwich, S.C. Cary, M.S. Clark, P. Convey, E.S. Costa, D. Cowan, R. Deconto, Robert Dunbar, et al.
Positive and Negative Effects of a Threatened Parrotfish on Reef Ecosystems »

Oceans | Published Work | October 1, 2014

Douglas J. McCauley, Hillary S. Young, ROGER GUEVARA, GARETH J. WILLIAMS, Eleanor A. Power, Robert Dunbar, Doug Bird, William Durham, Fiorenza Micheli
Spatial and Temporal Variations in Variable Fluoresence in the Ross Sea Area: Oceanographic Correlates and Bloom Dynamics »

Oceans | Published Work | November 19, 2013

Walker O. Smith Jr., Sasha Tozzi, Matthew C. Long, Peter N. Sedwick, Jill A. Peloquin, Robert Dunbar, David A. Hutchins, Zbigniew Kolber, Giacomo R. DiTullo
Conservation at the Edges of the World »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | September 1, 2013

Douglas J. McCauley, Eleanor A. Power, Doug Bird, Alex McInturff, Robert Dunbar, William Durham, Fiorenza Micheli, Hillary S. Young
Retreat History of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet Since the Last Glacial Maximum »

Oceans | Published Work | August 27, 2013

Andrew Mackintosh, Elie Verleyen, Philip O'Brien, Duanne White, Selwyn Jones, Robert McKay, Robert Dunbar, Damian Gore, David Fink, Alexandra Post, Hideki Miura, Amy Leventer, Ian Goodwin, Dominic Hodgson, Katherine Lily, Xavier Costa, Nicholas Golledge, Bernd Wagner, Sonja Berg, Tas van Ommen, Dan Zwartz, Stephen Roberts, Wim Vyverman, Guillaume Masse
Early Bomb Radiocarbon Detection in Palau Archipelago Corals »

Oceans | Published Work | July 2, 2013

Danielle Glynn, Ellen Druffel, Sheila Dunbar, Robert Dunbar, Michael Osborne, Joan Albert Sanchez-Cabeza
Regional Calibration of Coral-Based Climate Reconstructions From Palau, West Pacific Warm Pool (WPWP) »

Oceans | Published Work | June 12, 2013

Michael Osborne, Robert Dunbar, David A. Mucciaronea, Joan-Albert Sanchez-Cabeza, Ellen Druffel
Bacterial Abundance and Composition in Marine Sediment Beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica »

Oceans | Published Work | May 20, 2013

Carr SA, Vogel SW, Robert Dunbar, Brandes J, Spear JR, Levy R, Naish TR, Powell RD, Wakeham SG, Mandernack KW
Assessing the Effects of Large Mobile Predators on Ecosystem Connectivity »

Oceans | Published Work | September 1, 2012

McCauley DJ, Young HS, Robert Dunbar, Estes JA, Semmens BX, Fiorenza Micheli