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Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Publications Author: scott fendorf

Reactivity and Speciation of Mineral-Associated Arsenic in Seasonal and Permanent Wetlands of the Mekong Delta »

Freshwater | Published Work | September 1, 2015

Jason W. Stuckey, Michael V. Schaefer, Shawn G. Benner, Scott Fendorf
Geochemical Triggers of Arsenic Mobilization During Managed Aquifer Recharge »

Freshwater | Published Work | June 25, 2015

Sarah Fakhreddine, Jessica Dittmar, Don Phipps, Jason Dadakis, Scott Fendorf
Morphological Adaptations for Digging and Climate-Impacted Soil Properties Define Pocket Gopher (Thomomys spp.) Distributions »

Climate, Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | May 24, 2013

Ariel Marcy, Scott Fendorf, James Patton, Elizabeth Hadly