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On-Campus Organizations Encourage Millennial-Minded Philanthropy
August 24, 2017 -- Charity Navigator recently surveyed highly rated (3- and 4-star) organizations with large campus followings across the United States. Through this survey, we sought to understand when students choose to engage with charities and which organizations.

Red Nose Day 2017
May 19, 2017 -- Find out which charities benefit from Red Nose Day- a campaign backed by many celebrities that's designed to bring people together to have fun, raise awareness for social issues, and ultimately help lift kids and families out of poverty.

Reduce Your Tax Bill
April 1, 2017 -- People give to charity for many heartfelt, altruistic reasons. But as evident by the surge in online gifts flowing through our site on December 31st,

Black History Month
February 16, 2017 -- Every year, Americans observe Black History Month in February. Historian Carter G. Woodson, the son of freed slaves

Love a Charity
February 1, 2017 -- February is a great time to show your favorite charities some love by making an extra contribution or volunteering your time and talent.

Introducing Charity Navigator's New Advisory System
August 30, 2016 -- We are excited to announce the launch of a new platform called the CN Advisory System. It is designed to help alert the public to charities that may have engaged in unethical or illegal actions and thus furthers our mission of helping donors make informed giving decisions.

Fake Charities Prey on Donors to Make Bank
July 1, 2016 -- Before you donate, make sure the organization is a legitimate charity and not a fake group trying to scam you out of your hard earned money.

Rating System Evolution
June 1, 2016 -- A description of how Charity Navigator's rating methodology has changed over the years since the service launched in 2002.

Infographic: 4 Simple Questions for Noncash Donations
April 19, 2016 -- Not all trash is another man's treasure! Ask these four questions before donating that noncash item.

Spring Cleaning
April 4, 2016 -- Spring is here! Find out how you can clean up the house and give away non-cash items to charity while still remaining respectful of the charity's needs.

Cancer Charities Scam
May 20, 2015 -- In an unprecedented collaboration, the FTC and 58 law enforcement agencies put a web of sham cancer charities out of business.

Today's Featured Charities
December 5, 2013 -- Today's Featured Charities

Charity Navigator Now Provides Basic Information for all 1.4 Million U.S. Registered Nonprofits
April 1, 2013 -- Charity Navigator's website has expanded to include all 1.4 million nonprofits that have registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

Guide To Giving In The Workplace
April 17, 2006 -- Each year, billions of dollars are donated to America's charities through workplace giving campaigns. Chances are that if you work at a corporation or for the federal government, you've had the opportunity to participate in one of these programs.

Types of Nonprofits
April 16, 2006 -- Types of nonprofits

Giving Calculator
April 12, 2006 -- Thinking about giving to charity? We can point you in the right direction. Charity Navigator guides intelligent giving. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping you find a charity which best matches your interests and beliefs. We are the only source in America that provides in-depth, objective analysis of the financial health of more than 5,000 of America's largest charities for free.

Evaluating Charities: Why the Numbers Count
April 15, 2002 -- Americans use numbers and data to make decisions in every aspect of their lives. As investors, shoppers, diners, and travelers, we access scores, ratings and polls to decide where we live, what we buy, what we eat, and where we travel. In evaluating charities, the numbers count just as much. We should use financial analysis to evaluate charities. Doing so will show us which charities to support, will teach us more about how charities work, will help charities find ways to improve, and will help us become better givers.

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