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  • Victor Madrigal
    July 18 at 4:42pm
    Our Stanford students have had reciprocal community service partner ...relationships with the surrounding community for years. BARRIO ASSISTANCE is one such organization that is worthy of recognition for this university Community Partnership Award. BARRIO ASSISTANCE has been around 46 years since 1971. (Maybe some of the founders are following on this Facebook page?!) On its list of recipients over the last 13 years, I don't see any organization specifically tied to our Chicano/Latinx community. I wonder if any current or former BARRIO ASSISTANCE students/alumni might be willing to consider submitting a nomination for this award. Unfortunately deadline is under three weeks on Friday, August 4. Too bad this is not done during the academic year when students are present. BARRIO ASSISTANCE is a student run organization as far as I can remember. More about Stanford's Community Partnership Award here: See More
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Dear Friends,
We sent the following letter to our Centro Comunidad email lists a few minutes ago. In love and solidarity.

Beloved Comunidad,

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Tomorrow evening! 🐯 and 🌲together for community!

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