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After the Hurricane: Rabia Belt on Challenges Facing People with Disabilities in Disasters http://stanford.io/2f7p06G

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LISTEN: new WellnessCast podcast on self care and resilience for lawyers in criminal defense: http://stanford.io/2vMtev2

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Faculty on Point | Lawrence Friedman on History, Law and Society
Faculty on Point | Professor Bernadette Meyler on the Origins ...
Faculty on Point | Professor Bernadette Meyler on the Origins ...
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AB Lieberman
· January 5, 2017
Hey there,
I have a very unique job offer for American College Students!
If you are between the ages of 18-22 read on!!...
I’m a community manager for an app called Scorp, which is a Social Media platform where you can make 15 second videos in response to various headlines (think Vine, but with topics), and it’s been featured on “Europe’s Hottest Startups” for 2 years, as well as having worked with brands such as Nike, Starbucks, and Red Bull! We’re currently looking to expand onto college campuses in the states and have openings for content ambassadors. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are active on social media and want to boost your resume and get money out of it. If you’re interested or you have friends/family that would be interested please PM me and I’ll check if you are a good fit for the team!
Download the app to see for yourself!
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Florin Andrei Ilies
· May 23, 2013
Elixir of Eternal Life!

The president of Kazakhstan has asked scientists to invent an elixir of eternal life. He is 70 years old and feels great, having governed for 20 years with an iron hand a country the size of Western Europe, and nothing can stop him from doing that for the next ten years, according to La Stampa, indicating that the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has recently asked how can he manage to remain loved by almost the entire population of his country.

"I saw the results of an independent survey, which states that 92% of the Kazakhs love and respect him!"-Berlusconi exclaimed, with envy.

But like any powerful leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev cannot control one thing: time irreversible transition, more specifically, life and death. Thus, in a speech at a university in Astana, Nazarbayev urged the scientists of the new research institute in Kazahstan to study the "rejuvenation of the body" and "human genome, the production of human tissues and the creation of gene-based drugs."

The leader from Astana expressed his desire saying that: "People my age hope that this will happen as soon as possible". Some months ago, at a meeting of the governmental Commission for science and research, he had set the task to "ïnvent a remedy against old age and to develop methods for natural rejuvenation and immortality."
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Scott Washington
December 12, 2012
Congrats! You're invited! Bill of Rights Day 1st in nation celebration!--I know that it's a bit of a commute but somethings are worth it! Celebrate Bill of Righ...ts Day in Hillsborough, NC on December 15th at 2:00PM with one minute of community bell ringing! It's the first community wide celebration of Bill of Rights Day anywhere in the USA or territories in 221 years! Five of the area's historic churches, dating back to 1790, will ring their church bells in the historic district and the general public , from young to old, is invited to bring their own bells and ring them outside anywhere in the historic district, too. Hillsborough's Town Board of Commissioners also was the first elected body in the country to pass a resolution to celebrate Bill of Rights Day. Read all about it and the fascinating connection North Carolina has to the Bill of Rights here: http://www.facebook.com/December15Bells See More
Elizabeth Stump
October 22, 2012
Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian presidetnial candidate and retired Orange County Superior Court Judge, will be speaking at the Stanford Graduate School of Business ...Oberndorf Center this Thursday at 6pm.

In addition to being the ONLY veteran on the presidential ticket (president & vice president), Judge Gray is the first Peace Corps volunteer to run for national office.

About Judge Jim Gray
James P. (Jim Gray) served as a trial court judge in Orange County, California from 1983 to 2010. As a nationally known and respected author and speaker who has long advocated reform of the nation's drug laws, Judge Gray has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including twice on the O'Reilly Factor and an ABC News John Stossel Special. He is also the author of three books and a high school musical. Before serving on the bench, Gray was a criminal defense attorney in the Navy JAG Corp (and was awarded Vietnam Service and Combat Action Ribbons during his service), a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles, and a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica. Judge Gray has been awarded two honorary doctor of law degrees, and each year the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Orange County awards its "Judge James P. Gray Judge of the Year" award to a deserving recipient. Jim Gray is married to his wife, Grace, and has four children, including an adopted Vietnamese son.

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M.J. Tyler
· January 14, 2014
Stanford Law, please make an effort and lead the way to make law schools across the country more exclusive and harder to get into. Right now there are thousands of lawyers without jobs because there are too many law students flooding the market each year.
Tina Chen
September 11, 2012
Incredible Green Contest-shape your green earth!

The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and the Acer Foundation has organised a competition this y...ear called the Incredible Green Contest. The purpose of this global competition is to inspire students of any gender, age, or nationality to creatively find a way to solve environmental issues through the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The first place winner(s) wins a huge prize of USD$60,000 and two of the finalists will receive a complimentary trip Taipei, Taiwan with a visit to COMPUTEX 2013.

For more information please visit:
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Jennifer Everett
· October 23, 2013
My name is Jennifer Everett and I'm an Real Estate Agent in New York City. If you are looking to invest, buy, sell or rent in the Greater New York City area, i...ncluding Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens please feel free to reach out to me at jeverett@citihabitats.com or check out my page on facebook Jennifer Everett Real Estate. I work for Citi Habitats, one of the top Brokerage firms in the City, who is #1 in Rentals and top 10 in sales. Do not hesitate to reach out, I'm happy to find you a home, or assist you in the Real Estate Market! See More
Katie Caldwell
· August 7, 2017
Hi Stanford law .. I have an obscure subject that I thought maybe someone would want to research.. QUESTION PER FRANCHISE LAWS..
Many massage therapists work fo...r Corporate Franchises. The job security is good, however, many SPA FRANCHISES TAKE 75% OF OUR EARNINGS.. the federal work law poster in breaktooms say if workers are making at LEAST &7.00 hour, the Spa is legal.
But we are Licensed by the State as professional therapists.. have to pay State fees, insurance, and continuing education..
Hence, many of us work non-stop doing 5 or more services, with specialties in deep tissue, myofacial release, etc.. ALL WE GET IS $17.00!!!
The Franchise owner gets the REST.. most of us are trying to get through school, as this is a deadens job. They keep employees under 30hours so we can't get medical. There are no wage increases, no vacation, etc..
In addition, federal taxes take up. 1/3 of our gross pay.

This puts us right back to nearly minimum wage earnings. Most of us invested a lot of money in trade school to better ourselves, and the lives of our families.

Just wondered.. thought there might be an obscure law that was being overlooked.
Thank you for your time
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Madre Dolores
July 11, 2012
Hi lovely fellows!!! ... More laughable Psychopath Politicians & Anencephalic Israeli Justice NEWS, Today!! Follow us and amuse yourself, brothers !!!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu & Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman say: “If there are no Palestinians, there's no Israeli occupation” .
How come?
Honest translation of the facts ... The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits occupying powers from settling their own populations in occupied lands.
Israel exists because Palestine was divided (1947). UN defined the legal boundaries of Israel and the limits of the future Palestinian State. But like Hitler, the Zionists invaded neighboring lands, occupied illegally Palestinian territories and try to attach them to Israel. The Palestinian resistance was isolated in ghetto and those who live outside the region are persecuted and murdered by Mossad with poison or shot. Savagery.
“The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of himself.”
We count on you too, American Brothers !! Let’s Desorganizar o Crime Organizado !! Yes We Can !!!
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Edward C. Ayadiuno
· April 30, 2015
An outstanding law school with international repute. This great law school has left an indelible productive and positive mark on the lives of millions,especially mine.
Sue Le
· June 16, 2014
I'm a 14 year old who wants to be law business because I want to be fruitful in the eyes of the law, if law student rates are getting higher and higher every year do you still think theirs a chance for someone like me?
David H. Elton
· November 16, 2016
1986, Stanford Law, debating law students from a wheelchair...THAT was fun, Now I just investigate lawyers and judges...BORING !! (:
Genny Lam
· January 1, 2014
January 1, 2014

#OfficialHCEC's immediately News Release...

Today , US's history record is telling our public attention about how The United States of America really become the model for 21 st century as Official Government Policy Leadership Directive ? all of American and World Leaders should finding the most truthful answer from here.

#OfficialHCEC is pleased to release the Happy New Year 2014 for old structural government doing business method of rules and its regulation form of laws, let us take the United States of America 's case for proven record now, it is today under current management administration and #USCongress , this nation has over 17 Trillion+ debts and min. 4 Trillion balance sheet of FRB record , #USCongress can only present its budget in short term with borrowing and uncertainty condition for all due to failed policies and its old way of structural governing as #USCongress Operation and executive branches Operation , without backing GDP for economic growth plus its long term financial stability due to no Major Strategic Operation . This method is 100% Out-Of-Date due to reality and its truthful today records .

#OfficialHCEC is honored to inform the selected Key #USCongress=#USOfficials to follow The said Step-By-Step #OfficialHCEC's Method of Ways and Specified Major Strategic Operation , which is posted and connected with #OfficialHCEC 's Proposals and Documents that has been provided to Key #USCongress=#USOfficials since 2004/2009 and President Obama since 2009,US people on public record can find here on facebook at Genny Lam , twitter @gennylam and linkedin at Genny Lam for full effective action now.

This Official News Release is honored to present on behalf of World Public Interest, special We The People for the United States of America 's demand and look forward having the real change in our nation today, #OfficialHCEC's founder believes her Vision and its results lead US for better position , at least fully New Visible Trends direction start without debts - zero borrowing , those factors under selected programs will be turning for GDP and developing more effectively Economic Investments outcome innovation , specified goals to lead those non-workable policies and preventing demand orders on track , its Official Strategic Model and Invention is leading the Newly full #USFoundation to jump for the Effectively Change, it is Transformed Financial Stability on Ground up , directing Key Principals for GDP growth in jobs, revenues , business opportunities are demanding by Newly Global Leading Investment Directive, its selected programs are our Principal of mission , now it is #USCongress= #USOfficials chance to take its role in full responsible duties and cooperative abilities . US must hold The #USLicensee role as term and condition that #OfficialHCEC has provided on 10-4-13 #USLicensee Receipt before the legal execution accessibility for its foundation , The #USLicensee role is Newly Way on Internet format as its position to perform the New #USFoundation in 21 st century. The Impact of #USLicensee is unlimited revenues and price less values to the Newly Financial Assets in this country.

#OfficialHCEC is private and owned by Genny Lam , Health Care Education Center ( HCEC ) 's Founder, Global Health Strategy Official Inventor and Founder , Global Founder Humanity , Global Official Treasurer .
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· June 30, 2015
Right for me ℃ loving people - J15


Even without knowing the truth and the reason, i lived in mental pain by harsh and unjust bullying and punishment for many years. And now i want to live like human being. To do that, merely i want to know the truth and the reason.
Thank you very much for your help.


< English Language >

Dear Sir

I am Joung In Ho(정인호, 鄭仁鎬) and living in South Korea, Incheon, Namdong-gu Guwol 1-dong.

I have received negative rumor and negative social convention on behalf of crime of my family for a long period of time. Although negative social convention and negative rumor were lack of legitimacy in the means and methods, i have endured until to hope that will be done with clemency someday. But i am writing letter seeking request help now because i was much mentally difficult and tired caused by continued negative social convention and negative rumor.

For a long period of time, i have received negative social convention and negative rumor connected with deprivation of social life, getting a bum rap, psychological weakness (disorderㆍillnessㆍdisease of mentalㆍmind, phrenalgia, depression, folie de grandeur, psychosis, psychache), suicide induction in a socially acceptable situation without knowing the cause and truth. Condemned criminal know his sin, but i do not know anything as well as crime of my family.

Nothing can justify torture. And now, for escaping from negative a false imageㆍillusionㆍdelusion, and for knowing all the truth, and for clearing in the past painful memories, and for healing the woundsㆍtraumaㆍPTSDㆍanxiety disorder received in the past, as came out in the <Universal Declaration of Human Rights> and <international humanitarian law> and <international law of human rights> and <Mental Health law>, i am writing a letter of help in order to live true life and human living to communicate through positive interaction with people and seeking protection of human rightsㆍprivacyㆍpersonal information.

For reference, i sent this article asking for help to various organizations and institutions and CNN, BBC by SNS and letter.

Anyone want to live like a human being.
At least i want to be condemned criminal knowing the truth and sin.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely, 정 인 호(鄭仁鎬, Joung In Ho)


< Korea Language >

Dear Sir

저는 한국의 인천시 남동구에 거주하는 정인호(鄭仁鎬, Joung In Ho)라고 합니다.

저에게는 가족의 죄를 대신하여 오랜 기간 동안 받아왔던 부정적 사회관례와 부정적 구설수가 있습니다. 비록 수단과 방법에서 부정적 사회관례와 부정적 구설수가 정당성(正當性)이 부족했지만, 언젠가는 관용(寬容)으로 끝날 거라는 희망에 지금까지 견뎌왔습니다. 그러나, 계속되는 부정적 사회관례와 부정적 구설수로 이제는 정신적으로 많이 지치고 힘들어서 도움의 요청을 구하게 되었습니다.

저는 원인과 진실도 모른 체 오랜 기간 동안 사회생활 박탈(剝奪), 덮어씌우기, 정신쇠약 (disorderㆍillnessㆍdisease of mentalㆍmind, phrenalgia, depression, folie de grandeur, psychosis, psychache), 자살유도가 용인(容認)된 부정적 사회관례와 부정적 구설수를 받고 있습니다. 사형수(死刑囚)는 자신의 죄에 대하여 알지만, 저는 가족의 죄 뿐만 아니라 아무 것도 모르고 있는 실정입니다.

어떤 것도 고문(拷問)을 정당화할 수 없습니다. 그리고 이제는 부정적 허상(虛像)ㆍ착각(錯覺)ㆍ망상(妄想)에서 벗어나 모든 진실(眞實)을 알고, 과거의 괴로웠던 기억은 지우고, 과거에 받았던 상처ㆍtraumaㆍPTSDㆍ불안장애(不安障碍)를 치유하면서, <세계인권선언문> 및 <국제인도법> 그리고 <국제인권법>과 <정신보건법>에 나온 것처럼 인권과 사생활 및 개인정보를 존중받으며, 사람들과 긍정적 상호작용에 의한 의사소통으로 진실하고 인간다운 삶을 살기 위해 도움의 편지를 쓰게 되었습니다.

참고로, CNN과 BBC를 비롯한 여러 단체와 기관에 도움을 요청하는 글을 SNS와 서신으로 보냈습니다.

누구나 인간처럼 살고 싶어 합니다.
적어도 죄와 진실을 아는 사형수(死刑囚)가 되고 싶습니다.


Yours Sincerely, 정 인 호(鄭仁鎬, Joung In Ho)


◀▲   。.
▼▶ Lucky . .
/。℃ Happy 。.
  .' 。 ♣
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Jordin Alexis Elness
· May 2, 2014
I got a question is there anyway you can sue a hospital after a epidural? Having very bad back pains.
Bill Anderson
May 16, 2012
Is there anyone who does not believe the FBI and police are above the law? Search for "New police weapon against homeless" and also "Historic coverup of FBI and police crimes currently taking place" to read that story.
Jack David Docherty
November 6, 2012
If you're struggling with your university or college assignments, essays, course works, articles, thesis and dissertations don't worry. Why? Because we can help you.

Just drop us an email and we will take care of everything.

Email: allassignmentshelp@gmail.com
Ruwi Cooray
May 20, 2013
To celebrate our 10th anniversary we are giving away A LAW INTERNSHIP FOR 2 WEEKS in SRI-LANKA .On 24th of May 2013 we will draw a number and if you... are that number on the "likes" then you will win .All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:
Step 1:Like our face book page
Step 2:like the post on our fb page
Step 3:Share it

Good luck
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Wiktoria Radwan
May 11, 2013
Hello :) I'm looking for law students willing to join international blog network on criminal justice and human rights. If interested contact me via PM
Shreya Gupta
January 29, 2013
Much awaited Government Law College Model United Nations Conference is finally here. Please visit www.glcmun.com for more information.