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  • Margarita Quihuis
    July 14 at 1:03pm
    Nothing like pulling rabbits out of hats... We are starting our thr...ee week Design as Discovery course at Stanford to engage high school students in design, coding, prototyping tech based interventions to heal divided communities or improve/strengthen communities. More info on the course can be found here. https://summerinstitutes.stanford.edu/… I am looking for three types of resources: 1. Coders who can help high students develop their technology prototypes 2. Startups that have interesting challenges that students can work on. 3. Guest speakers from tech/startup/design thinking/behavior design/persuasive tech/community backgrounds Please distribute this call to action to your network! warmly, Margarita Design as Discovery: Peace Technology and Design Thinking In the last ten years, emerging technologies such as social media, wearable devices and mobile phones have transformed how people behave and interact with each other at scale. Most notably, some of these persuasive technologies have been transformed into peace technologies by democracy activists, governments and individuals to positively change the way people relate to each other and to their governments. This hands on course will examine the mechanics and dynamics of behavior design, persuasive technology and the application of behavioral psychology to explore the concepts of peace innovation and design thinking. The class will include guest speakers from the fields of innovation, design thinking, behavior design, persuasive technology and conflict resolution. Students will identify conflict issues in their communities that can be positively affected through a scalable behavior change app or technology. Students will learn and apply behavioral psychology, opportunity mapping, behavior design, persuasive technology, rapid prototyping, and data analytics in the development of their peace tech applications. Students will complete a group project, with an emphasis on prototyping, peer feedback and iterative design. See More
  • Hey there, social good crusaders... I received an email from a forme...r student identifying a company building technologies to reduce carbon emissions to zero. The company URL is right here: https://www.carbonlighthouse.com/, and they have job openings (both engineering and sales) right here: https://www.carbonlighthouse.com/…/car…/. Check it out, and let me know if you'd like me to foster an introduction. Thanks, Jerry See More
  • I love what you guys are doing! Is there any way I could reach out? Would love to chat.
Hey guys, On December 2nd, Students in our class will be presenting their work. The 20 students in the class are building products which will be used by over 25 million people by the end of this year. To learn more about CS+Social Good and the class we are teaching this quarter, Watch the video below. :) See you guys on December 2nd, Team CS+Social Good
#GivingTuesday - Team SIRUM
Today is #GivingTuesday. To celebrate this day, We asked the students in our class to record a short video describing their philanthropic passion. Here's Kerry Wang, Stanford'17, talking about how she gives. Kerry and her team are partnering with Oppia.org to create a platform to incentivize users and revitalize online education. Go Kerry!
CS+Social Good shared Belce Doğru's event — with Rachel Gardner and 23 others.
June 6

Students will be presenting projects done with local partners like Second Harvest Food Bank, LinkedIn, Clever, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, and StreetCode Academy! Also, free Indian food

Wed 6:30 PM PDTOak Room, Tressider Union, Stanford UniversityPalo Alto, CA
77 people interested
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June 7
Posted by CS+Social Good